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Increasing crime rate rapidly becoming a major concern across the world. In order to control rapid speed of crime, there is need a lot of awareness on reasons like provoking, disrespect, misunderstanding, wrong-decision etc. If we make revolutionary attempt to aware the people by saying that "Deal patiently in the case of MISUNDERSTANDING , DISRESPECT and so on or THINK TWICE BEFORE TAKING ANY STEP or STOP YOUR IMMEDIATE ACTION IN ANGER" that might be work to control the increasing speed of crime.


Unemployment not only in itself a problem but also giving birth to other major problems like Crime & Drugs. Hence, controlling on unemployment, might be control on Crime & Drugs also. Factor behind unemployment & its awareness, in detailed given in the unemployment section.


By cutting trees & deteriorating environment, human in itself making a reason of his death with his own hand as well as the death of other beautiful species of nature.
    We make every effort to protect our life in any way by making/using weapon but if you are not paying attention towards environment & global warming then you are making a very big mistake.
Is our life possible without Oxygen ?. My answer "NO"


If you want to protect your HEALTH; Protect ENVIRONEMNT first,. No one can change us but we can to our self .SO "changing HABITS also PROTECT to our HEALTH". I eat to protect to my health but do we know ? we are eating with full of Pesticide.
      If you really to make your health better so just join US. We will also try our level best to protect your health.


Drugs is a curse on the earth. Everyone have a one question "HOW CAN WE REDUCE DRUGS" but we do not aware the people about the consequence of the Drugs.
      Now again one Question will again arise in our mind that "Everybody is aware about the consequence of drugs" but Do you aware to the age of 12 to 17 or not



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